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UP211936: Small Loading Bag – 250 units per box
Designed for holes 1.5” – 2.5” in diameter
All Lama Distributing Loading Bags are made from a tough 14 oz. polyester based textile. It is more flexible than other coated and laminated fabrics and works well in low temperatures, and is also rot, mildew and fungus resistant. There are four main sizes available, and custom orders are also available upon request.
XLDBGLG: Medium Loading Bag – 250 units per box
Designed for holes 3.0” – 4.5” in diameter
UP112826: Large Loading Bag – 75 units per box
Designed for holes 3.0” – 4.5” in diameter
UP003660: Medium Bag with 6’ strap – 250 per box
Designed for holes 3.0” – 4.5” in diameter
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Polyester flat rope, ultra weather resistant, shock resistant, ease of use, resists rot and has a breaking strength of 650lbs under normal use. Available in two different sizes and comes with hardboard (not cardboard) sides.
OBF – 25 .............................. ½” WIDTH BY 2000’
OBF – 50 .............................. ½” WIDTH BY 3900’
OBF –100 .............................. 5/8” WIDTH BY 3000’

Canvas Respirator Pouch & Belt

Pouches are available in two sizes to fit either half mask or full mask. Features include a Velcro closure on pouch, adjustable belt and heavy duty belt clip.

Multi-purpose Canvas Bag

Heavy duty canvas bag made of 12 oz. quality canvas that is water, rot and mildew resistant. PVC vinyl reinforced bottom and extra snap compartment inside. Snap hook closure outside and extra strong padded nylon shoulder strap for comfort. Approximate size 10” X 16” X 8”

Welder’s Spatts

Welder’s Spatts made from 3 ½ oz. quality split leather and are intended to protect footwear from hot metal splatter. Secured with Velcro and bottom elastic boot strap, one size fits all, moderate heat protection.

Welder’s Apron

Made from 3 ½ oz. quality split leather, provides chest to knee protection from hot metal splatter. The apron is secured with a neck strap, waist straps and heavy duty grommets at load points.

Heavy Duty Reflective Suspenders

2” wide suspenders made from 6 oz canvas, and has one inch reflective stripping strip on back. Comes with adjustable strap and option of clips or loops for belts.

Cap Lamp Holder

Made from tough 3” polyester webbing designed to hold various sizes of cap lamp batteries. Top 2” strap secures with Velcro. Approximate size (flat) 9 ½”(w) x 10 ½”(h)

H2O Bottle Holster

Made of thermal-lined nylon fabric, comes with a removable adjustable waist strap, and zippered bottle holder for easy access.

1” Cambuckle Straps

The standard sizes we stock are 26”, 36”, 48” and 96” in length. These straps can be made to any size required. The breaking strength of the straps are 550lbs at normal use, they are also available in 32 different colours (Price may vary)

Single and Double Crescent Wrench Holsters

Wrench Holster made of quality 7 oz. leather, looped to be easily added onto any belt. (Wrenches not included)

Measuring Tape Holster

Measuring tape holster is made of quality 7 oz. leather, looped to be easily added onto any belt, includes security strap and snap. (Measuring tape not included)

Blue Mesh Multipurpose Bag

This multi-purpose bag is used underground or on surface for just about anything. Rot, mildew and mould resistant.
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